Cops from SPEAK March 1st Sept 2007

3028 – E Turner – Thames Valley

507 – Thames Valley

3465 – Thames Valley

2056 – D Reed – Thames Valley

2143 – C Lee – Thames Valley

A773 – City of London (Scott)

3596 (Mr Calderwood) – Thames Valley

2058 – Surrey

1942 – Thames Valley

3148 – Thames Valley

A78 – City of London

714 (Mark Richardson) – Thames Valley
(As seen undercover during animal rights protests in Gloucestershire)

5796 – Thames Valley

5807 – Thames Valley

4481 – Silver Commander – Thames Valley

3895 – Thames Valley

3233 – Thames Valley

5081 – Thames Valley

LX365 – Ian Skivens – MET

More coming soon as we get the stills from camcorder including a mini interview with Skivens… πŸ™‚



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12 responses to “Cops from SPEAK March 1st Sept 2007

  1. Alan

    This is a beautiful montage of the good honest plods just going about keeping the peace! Haha…

    1 Question though: WHERE’S BACON AND SIDDIQUE???? They were there – I saw them. πŸ˜€

  2. Max

    What a load of useless tossers

    * ADMIN – HELLO EVERYONE MAX HERE IS A GOVERNMENT STOOGE…. See Dear “Max” Post for more info

  3. Ronnie Lee

    I suppose all this could be useful, as long as people don’t forget that the No.1 enemy are the animal abusers, not the police.

  4. Steven

    Max .. really !!! you should know better bud …
    I know tossers are lowlife .. but please show them some respect bud πŸ™‚ .. they aren’t police orificers .. nor will they stoop that low :):):)
    Steven πŸ™‚

  5. alicat

    made me smile! thanks! more please!

  6. Is this the program guide for the Stupidity Circus? they all look perverted

  7. Skinny Skivens?

    Maybe Skivens should be running soca – seems to know what he’s doing.

    Might come last though 😦

  8. doris

    Are you concerned with a genuine cause and dedicated to bringing about change or just making cheap jokes about the police??
    You are not fighting the police you are fighting for a change in what the general public find acceptable in day to day life.
    Only the cowardly thugs who have something to hide should feel threatened by FIT officers…..

  9. westernanimalrightsnetwork

    Actually “doris” the right to protest is a very genuine cause. People who think that there privacy is not important because they have nothing to hide open themselves up to a serious breach of human rights. Would you have a fit officer in your house just because you werent doing anything wrong??

  10. Adam

    You should understand that the police have a hard enough job dealing with real criminals then people like you guys who are just making life hard for them for the sake of it. You are pathetic! You are lucky enough to live in a place that you are allowed to protest and have your voice heard, however with that you have the responsibility to do it in a way that does not cause problems. If you are asked by a police officer to do something then they are doing it for a reason, so just do it then people will have more respect for you and are more likley to show sympathy for peaceful protesters that dont take police away from real crime then they are to protesters that cause problems and are purposely rude and abusive. dont make the mistake, the police along with other agencies are the ones that make arrests on people that treat animals badly so dont make them your enemy! just think next time you come into contact with the police they are just like you, they may also believe in your cause but they want you to do it in a way that gets results rather then makes problems…

  11. Quetelet

    @Ronnie Lee, What about the filth that ARE ALSO animal abusers……..check out the sickening story of two of those black clad ‘heroes’ PC’s Craig Neil Macleod, 34, and PC Anja Mason, 29, from Prestatyn. Sadly these pigs didn’t receive a custodial sentnce unlike the truly heroic men and women who genuinely put themselves in peril for the sake of exploited animals.

  12. Quetelet

    Animal Rights Copwatch Bloggers, How come when I try to place a comment with my blog addy, it gets discarded?

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