Dear “Max”

Please don’t post the bloggers personal details as a comment from your IP: (

GSI being for those who don’t know “Government Secure Intranet” which allows secure and untraceable internet access via a proxy gateway (in this case 303). I suppose it could be used for members of the cabinet office to “research” pornography and such but i’m not sure…

From Wiki:

“Many UK government organisations use the GSi, using it to transfer files on a peer to peer basis between similarly accredited networks.

Organisations such as GCHQ, The Cabinet Office and SOCA use the GSi for secure purposes. Certain government organisations with high value material, such as MI5 and the SIS, use other networks with enhanced security to transfer this data.”

My guess is SOCA, as I would hope GCHQ / MI5 / SIS would be more intelligent and not try and post from “” email which isn’t anything to do with SHAC campaign…

We are fully aware that the police have our full names, DNA, Fingerprints, Sexual Preferences etc documented… We have nothing to hide but everything to protect… The cops are jealous because we are allowed a viewpoint and the right to assembly and they forfeit that human right effectively rendering them… not human.


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