Why dont cops like being filmed?

After one of the WARN team was arrested and charged for filming a cop recently (the lone protester was causing 5+ police officers harrasment alarm and distress by protecting himself) I thought I would post these videos on.

First one is Chris from Gloucestershire Animal Action being arrested then de-arrested for Filming PC 1726 and PC 1945 of Gloucestershire Constabulary. A couple of weeks later Chris was arrested and rendered unconcious by 6 of Gloucestershires Finest he was charged with causing harrasment alarm and distress to a police officer as he said in his statement “I was afraid, the video footage might end up on YouTube”. Let it be known it will be on YouTube including the assault before an arrest was issued. More updates on Chris’s case as we get the info.

This film was made by filmmaker Darren Pollard nice work! (Not animal rights related)

Got any videos you want to send us? Contact us above!



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5 responses to “Why dont cops like being filmed?

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  2. Great vids, especially love the one of the guy filming cops from his back garden – how stupid were they?
    Amazing how many cops consider that being filmed without consent is harassment…

  3. Quetelet

    Why don’t cops like being filmed?

    I believe it’s connected to their ability to escalate into violence at random and they don’t want to be filmed giving someone a twatting!

    • jonsparta

      Hmmm. I believe that filming outside of your own property is not allowed and because i deal with a lot of CCTV work. You are not allowed to record footage outside of your own property. You are allowed to film what is happening inside but not out. I know this because the council to a case against a lady who had her own camera filming her car parked on the street. You need a RIPA to do this, she lost the case and had to pay up for harassment of her neighbours….So the police are right.
      Also Quetelet get a life…you are making a arse of yourself on this and other blogs. Makes me laugh though. lol.

      Our Response // You are talking utter shite. Sir I recommend you consult someone who knows the smallest amount of law then you will realise that our police state has not extended to cover this amount of stupidity yet.

  4. jonsparta

    To be honest, i dont mind. But get my good side please..

    Our Response // If you are anything to do with law enforcement or security (which it sounds like you are) then you probably don’t have a good side.

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